Why does Obama invite the terrorist organizations CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House

Obama has invited the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR to the WhiteHouse as advisors. The State Department has done the same. Both of these organizations support Hamas, the terrorist organization who murdered 3 American Rabbis in Israel. What happened to “Your an enemy if you support terrorist organizations”? Egypt says that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. The UAE says that CAIR is a terrorist organization. What the heck is Obama doing with our enemy? Our allies do not trust us and our enemies do not respect us. Obama praises our enemies and demonizes our allies. Has he no common sense or is he America’s enemy, too? He has deceived us over and over again. The middle class is becoming more dependent on government welfare and the poor are becoming a permanent class, while the rich get richer and government grows more parasitic. Obama is destroying America by inches.

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