My God, the alarmists were right, Obama is a real big fan of Sal Alinsky and Clowerd and Piven!

Ever wonder why all the crisis after crisis in the past 6 years and the incomprehensible solutions to them ? The economic crash? Increased regulation? Taxes that has stagnated our economy causing the rich to get richer and Main Street–that’s us–to lose ground? Criminal Al Sharpton in the White House as an advisor?  AG Holder, his civil rights division, Attorney Crump, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other race hustlers attempt to hide,delay and deceive us regarding the truth of the deaths of Brown and Martin, inciting the mob to protest and violence in Ferguson and  Sanford?  Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR in the White House and State Department as advisors? ACA’s broken and deceitful promises of decreased healthcare costs,  keep your doctor and your plan? Why our allies do not trust us and our enemies do not respect us? Russia and China aggression, massive increases in  Radical Islamist cults,  the unrest, instability and wars within wars the world over?  Why is Obama negotiating with Iran’s on their ability to produce a bomb and their intercontinental missile program? Why does Obama use a moral equivalence when describing Hamas, Palestinian terrorism and Israel’s right to sovereignty and self defense?

Obama’s refusal to enforce our laws, Todays lawless, unconstitutional,executive actions on Immigration? Increased political, economic and social division in America, racial and ethnic unrest leading to violent attacks and murders?  Why there are no travel restrictions and quarantines in place for the Ebola countries?  Why we have amassed over 7 Trillion dollars in debt in that 6years and become increasingly dependent on Government welfare from Healthcare subsidies to food stamps? When we were told of Obama’s connection to all the Marxists and leftists radicals n 2008 and his anti American views, we thought that just could not possibly be true, he is such a nice guy and family man and we dismissed the alarmists  as looney tune conspiracy theorists, but here we are living in a world of crisis after crisis and unconstitutional governance. Who thought the free love hippy 60s could spawn such anti American ideology and so many followers.


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