Immigration Reform in Small bites

  Obama has made things worse. He has created this crisis by not enforcing our laws, releasing felons into the public to await adjudication,legalizing DACA and DACA parents and by not securing the borders. It will be up to Congress and the courts to control Obama’s Lawless, unconstitutional behavior. Our President has shown that he is willing to shut down the government and He has shown that he will take punitive revenge on our citizens and endanger our security, rather than negotiate with Congress. He was almost gleeful this week when he challenged the Congress to impeach him. Impeachment and government shutdowns would be used only to advance Obama’s anti American agenda.
Congress should do immigration reform in bits and pieces–No comprehensive Reform bill. As we have seen with the ACA, they do not do Comprehensive well. Even during the Reagan Administration, they failed and did not secure the border. They also had to go back thru executive action to repair the part that separated parents and children. Immigration reform in small bites should be the order of the day, starting with a secure the border bill. Listen to the border states, law enforcement and the Border Patrol. Do it right. Second, simplify and reform the tax code and regulatory code. I support a consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports. Everyone pays to support our government. All citizens, immigrants, visitors,foreign students and foreign consumers. Business and Corporations will not pay tax on any investment monies that create jobs, build infrastructure, invest in research and innovation in America. Consumer prices will fall, revenues will increase and we will become a fully employed nation. We can pay the nation killing debt off and we can support a robust Immigration Program. Third, ID everyone here. Kick out the felon immigrants after they serve their time. Fourth, simplify and put on the fast track, the visas of American spouses and their children. Fifth reform the citizenship bureaucracy. It takes too long and it is expensive, Remove the anchor baby law. That is just stupid. Sixth, increase the immigrant visa numbers, matching them to the jobs needed to be filled. If the newly ID’d immigrants want to be citizens, they go to the back of the line. No fines. We invited them here in good times because we needed the workers. Our government invited them to promote a political agenda. We let this happen. In some cases, political operatives created this crisis. Fining the pawns is bad form.

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