Attorney Crump’s biased destructive statements against Ferguson’s Prosecutor and law enforcement

My answer to Crump’s accusation against the police and the Prosecutor’s actions. Just like in Sanford, Crump, Holder, Rev Al and the other radical leftist agitators tried to force the Prosecutor into indicting Wilson as they did Zimmerman. In Florida, they did force an indictment and a show trial. Plenty of time for outside agitators to come in and try to rip the nation apart along racial and social lines. Plenty of time to create a crisis. Plenty of time to demonize, harass and intimidate an innocent man to where he lost his wife, his livelyhood and to endanger his sanity. That is what they want in Ferguson, but my guess is the Ferguson Prosecutor, just as the Sanford Prosecutor, does not feel the facts warranted an indictment, but Holder and Obama pressured him. It looks like Holder and Obama failed to force the MO Governor to take over as they did in Florida, too. So what did the Ferguson Prosecutor do? He punted. He gave the grand jury all the facts and evidence. He has allowed the grand jury to decide if Wilson is indicted. He has allowed the grand jury to act as prosecutor, in a bid to show Ferguson and the nation that it was a fair and thorough investigation. The race hustlers and the Sal Alinsky radicals see a chance to divide America by exploiting the inner city black families that decades of Democrat incompetent and corrupt leadership and policies have destroyed. The leftist radicals see their chance to direct the anger and frustration caused by high unemployment, failed school and increased violence and criminal activity in the inner city neighborhoods has created. Sal Alinsky and Cloward and Piven all say they you must destroy to force thru Marxist change. That is Obama’s plan. He is a deceiver. His rhetoric never matches the results of his policies and actions.

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