Put the Border Patrol back on the border.

Put the Border Patrol on the border and let them do their job. Allow ICE and state law enforcement to do their jobs. If they think they need more funds, give it to them,–we can give an opportunity to better their lives to some immigrants, but too many will kill the golden goose– but make sure it is not wasted on Obama’s green lunacy and social engineering projects. We are tired of his pet projects. We are Americans, not Marxists or Fascists. Obama needs to stop playing security officer–he knows nothing about it. He is a community organizer after all. We just thought he would be wise enough to surround himself with experts and follow their advice. Unfortunately, his hubris is destroying our nation both, economically and defensively. Obama has endangered the health of our nation with his reckless arrogance. Congress’ job will be to control him and put us back on the path to prosperity and unity. Hand his lawless unconstitutional acts over to constitutional lawyers and take him to court, but don’t get distracted. We need the border secured and tax and reg reforms to make us a fully employed nation again. We need jobs to support and defend our citizens and immigrants and to pay off the nation killing debt. Those are my priorities. Immigration Reform comes after we create the jobs needed for all of us. Obama has pitted one group against another for political gain, inciting unrest and creating instability. I do not have any use for him. It is going to be a long 2 years.

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