Obama’s riots

It just disgust me that Obama would collude with the likes of the race hustler Rev Al to incite the protestors. Just like Gruber they believe the public is too stupid to know we are being deceived and manipulated. Holder knew a long time ago that the facts proved Wilson’s innocence. He knew that Brown strong armed a store keeper, shoplifted, attacked Wilson,tried to get his gun, ran away and charged back to finish the beat down, when Wilson told him to Halt. Obama knew this, and yet he and radical left continued to repeat the lies and innuendo, demonizing law enforcement and the prosecutor. No matter how peaceful and meek, the rhetoric of Crump, Holder and Obama, the results of their interference was the rioting and burning of Ferguson. They caused the riots and Brown’s thug parents helped them. Obama and his radical leftists continue to encourage the lawless disrespect and distrust that killed Brown. Incompetent and corrupt Democrat leaders destroyed the inner cities and left them with failed schools, high unemployment,, generational government dependency, and increased crime and violent filled neighborhoods. Now, the radical left agitators are exploiting the anger and frustration that Democrat policies caused.

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