Wilson was a Ferguson community scapegoat for their shitty lives.

Rather than confront the issue of why Brown felt he could strong arm a storekeeper, shoplift & attack a policeman or why his aberrant behavior was dismissed by the family, neighborhood, radical leftist outsiders and media unreasonable blame was put on Wilson and his self defense plea which was dismissed despite the forensic evidence to support his testimony? To me, it looks like Wilson was a scapegoat for the anger and frustration that the community feels for their shitty lives. High unemployment, generational enslaving government dependence, increased violence and crime and failed schools have left inner city neighborhoods angry, without hope and frustrated. As for the meek and peaceful rhetoric from Obama, Holder, Crump and Rev Al, it does not match the results of their interference. They tried to stoke the riot fires in Sanford, but failed. They succeeded in Ferguson, but as in Sanford, Holder will just stir the pot of discontent and will not find evidence of civil rights violations. It looks like the Obama Administration has conspired with Rev Al to bring in outside radical leftist radical activists to incite and riot. Again the Obama Administration uses deception and manipulation  on the “Gruber stupid” American people to create another crisis to exploit and further divide our nation. The ends do not justify the means and the harm to Ferguson and other American cities is not permissible collateral damage.

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