Cspan asks if we talked politics on Thanksgiving

My 12 year old grandson asked me who I was going to vote for President in 2016. I told him we didn’t know who the candidates would be yet, but I would support Ben Carson if he ran and then he asked if President Obama was running again–I set him straight on that one, for sure! Other than that, we ate, we rode bikes, went for a walk, ate again played bean bag and a match game, watched Frozen& the Adam’s Family &a football game , ate some more, played computer games and decorated the tree. We had fun. It was a great Thanksgiving. The kids are still sleeping and the parents are shopping and Grandma and Grandpa are enjoying our coffee and on our computers waiting for it all to begin again.. Happy. In the background, there is a niggling fear the race hustlers, anarchists and radical leftists might succeed in ripping our country apart if Obama and Holder are not controlled.


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