Obama’s created crisis’

Crisis number one. The recession. Obama took the money that the banks had paid back and spent it on his agenda. He also gave money to GMC and Chrysler that was not paid back. He also gave money to green energy companies that went bankrupt and did not pay back their loans. Obama borrowed 1.5 Trillion dollars every year for his first term and then claimed he reduced the deficit every year since by half and this year by 2/3. Obama has increased our debt by 8 trillion dollars in 6 years. When the interest rate goes up, we will not have anything left for those great social services. Crisis number two. Fast and Furious–Obama sold guns to the drug cartel and attempted to use the murder and mayhem statistics to force anti second amendment legislation on us. Crisis number three. Benghazi. Obama and Clinton lied about what caused the attack. They even lied about who it was that killed our people. It was Al Qaida. Why did they lie? What are they hiding and why did they reduce security and leave our diplomats unsecured? Crisis number 4. The IRS was used as a political and ideological weapon against conservative groups. Their voice was denied during an election. The ATF, Oshea, and the FBI were used to harrass , litigate and deny their 501C4 status by delaying the IRS process. Many Democrats were involved and the trail leads to the DOJ and a White House lawyer, who has not prosecuted anyone. Crisis number 5. First Amendment and fourth amendment rights. The NSA spied and collected all of our data and the data of most of the world, including allied leaders. The FBI at the behest of the DOJ and probably the White House spied on the media. Lord knows who the CIA spied on. Crisis number 6. Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders and his refusal to execute US law. Crisis Number 7. Obama’s continued divisive rhetoric has resulted in the deaths of police and the murder and mayhem we currently have. Obama, Holder, DeBlasio, Sharpton, Jackson, Crump and Park, anarchists and other radical leftist organizations have inflamed the mob, the violent criminals and the mentally ill into murder and mayhem with their deceptive rhetoric about racist police and racist America. Martin,Brown and deaths had nothing to do with race, while policeman, Ramos and Liu, was the result of blind hatred , lawlessness and bias that the President encouraged.

The Senate will have to veto proof the bills to over rule Obama’s continued authoritarian rule.

Americans will have to put pressure on their Democrat Senators to make the bills veto proof. Obama does not have America’s best interest at heart. In fact, I think he is a manchurian candidate and an enemy of the state. Democrat Senators will have to choose what is best for our country and our people over the President’s radical leftist, anti American agenda. Our nation is in trouble. We need tax reform and regulatory reform that will encourage job growth from business, to pay our bills, balance the budget, build infrastructure and pay off the nation killing debt. We allow Obama to have his way, our Republic will be destroyed. Over the years, the Progressives have changed their name several times. Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, communist and statist,it is all the same anti capitalist anti individual freedom, anti American dribble we don’t believe in.

Obama deceptively says America is better off economically.

Obama truely is the Deceiver In Chief. Bottom line is Wall Street is doing great thanks to the Feds easy money, but Main Street is losing ground. We are in a part time/ entry level job economy and 37% of our workforce is NOT working. Plus we have 47 million on Food Stamps and Medicaid numbers up that wazoo. I have trust issues with anything Obama says. I do not think our President wants what is best for America or her people. He is a manchurian candidate and an enemy of the state. A true deceiver.

We are pulling out of Afghanistan

Let’s put it this way. I felt sad as our colors were taken down. I felt like we deserted and turned our backs on the Afghanistan women and children. The Taliban will destroy the schools and enslave the women–AGAIN. We broke our promise. We are behaving dishonorably. Now let’s hope Obama’s micromanaging does not spread our 11000 troops too thin to where our people will be massacred. I have no faith in Obama. Look at Iraq,Syria and Libya to see what Obama’s leadership has done to the Middle East. Thank God, Egypt said NO to Obama and kicked out the radical islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood. There is no coexistence and negotiation with radical islam for any nation, especially us. Their ideology is evil. Ad anger to how I feel, now. I always thought we returned prisoners of war after a treaty or surrender is signed. Did I miss that event with the Taliban or any other Islamist organization? It just disgusts me to what Obama has done. We could have done better. We could have left Afghanistan in better shape.
 I feel so conflicted. At the same time, I want the wars to stop, I want the bloodshed to end and I feel we should be able to stop these wars by starving the money flow and punishing those that are supporting this evil theological political war. We have Muslim reformers here and around the world that want to reform their religion and abolish Sharia’s more barbaric laws and militant jihad. Why not do more to support that? Why not invite the Muslim reformers to the White House, instead of radical islamic groups like CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and their affiliates? In the end, it has to be Islam that reforms Islam and repudiates the military jihad, barbaric, evil tennants of 600AD.

Why are the protestors so angry and full of hate.

We know why the leftists, like Obama,Holder and their bunch, want the disruption and chaos, but why can they incite the mob to do their dirty business.?Why are they listening and believing the deceptions. Granted some are just using the leftists lies as an excuse to murder and destroy, but why are they so angry? Could it be that Progressive policies have made their lives so crappy, they have nothing but anger left and are ripe for manipulation from those same Progressives? Progressive policies have created generational poverty,government dependence, high crime, failed schools and high unemployment and illiteracy. Now Progressives feed the anger and dispair that they caused to disrupt and force Marxist change on the only true Democratic Republic on earth. Progressives may change their name every generation, but they are still communists and they do not belong in America, the land of the free. As for Sharpton, his motive is power, greed and profit. He is a true scumbag.

Cspan asks if we are pessimistic or optimistic.

Pessimistic. We have a part time/entry level job recovery. Because we are burdening our employers so much with the ACA, taxes, regulations and compliance costs, they cannot grow and provide the good paying  full time jobs we need. Main Street is being destroyed and poverty is becoming a permanent generational condition. Though the numbers say there is no inflation, we all know that food and goods costs are increasing, while our wages our stagnant. Every week we have another government crisis and a Justice Department that will not investigate properly.Document after document is withheld or redacted, as the government hides it’s corruption and the bureaucracies are turned into political and ideological weapons against We The People. From Fast and Furious,to Benghazi, to IRS, to the NSA spying on all of us, including our media, we have witnessed a government run without Constitutional or legal boundaries. There are wars withing wars in an increasingly unstable chaotic world as we are negotiating with terrorists and dictators, while disparaging our allies. Our President has aligned himself with the likes of Al Sharpton, Mayor Deblasio, Eric Holder, radical leftists, communists, anarchists to forment a feeling of grievance politics which have led to riots, destruction and murder, blaming racist law enforcement and a flawed jury system for the deaths of black me. They are ripping our nation apart with their deceptive manipulative rhetoric of division, pitting one group against each other. So, yes, I am pessimistic that our President does not have our best interests at heart. I believe he hates America and we will be witness to more of his reckless, dangerous policies these next two years. He is not a good man and he is definitely not a patriot.

DeBlasio is such a hypocrite

Hypocrite. DeBlasio incites the mentally ill and criminals to violence and mayhem with his race hustling/anti police deceptive manipulative rhetoric and then tries to mute the outrage we all feel at his actions. Add Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Janckson,the Black Panters, SEIU, MSNBC and other Lib media, the anarchists and other radical leftists to the list of those that have blood on their hands. What scumbags. They all knew what they were doing.

Two NYPD officers murdered

President Obama, AG Holder, Mayor DeBlasio, Race Hustler Al Sharpton, Attorney Crump and Parks, Black Panthers, SEIU, radical leftists and anarchists have all incited the mob to violence and destruction with their deceptive emotional rhetoric . They all have blood on their hands this day because of their reckless deceptive manipulative propaganda. They have given the criminals, the violent mentally ill, the jihadist and the murderers, false anti police and racist grievances to hide behind and to blame others for their monstrous acts.

How does it help the black community when crime and poverty has increased in their inner city communities these past 6 years? My God, Washington, reform the damn tax and regulatory codes and allow our employers to create jobs! My God big cities allow the inner city parents to choose their schools, Government schools have failed! Those two policeman were there to protect the community. How does it help the inner city black community when their leaders have deceived them about police abuse? Garner was resisting arrest and he died because he had a health issue, not a chokehold. His death was an accident. It was DeBlasio that put selling loosie cigarettes a police priority. It is a dumb law. Brown strong armed a store keeper, shoplifted, attacked a police officer,ran away but charged back to finish the beat down. That was self defense. Martin attacked and bashed the head of a community watchman on the sidewalk. The watchman shot him in self defense. None of these deaths were the result of racism or law enforcement biased abuses. The shooting deaths of the Cleveland 12 year old with the toy gun and the death of the young man in the darkened hallway are however negligent homicide. It sounds like the police panicked and did not use common sense.

My pitch for the Consumption Tax

The IRS, 0ur leaders and  bureaucratic political activists cannot be trusted ever again to not use the IRS bureaucracy against their opposition. The IRS has become a political weapon for the left, a bully and an extortionist group. It has to go. A consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports would solve a whole bunch of America’s problems. Not only does everyone ( all citizens,immigrants,visitors,foreign students and foreign consumers) support our government, revenue goes up, the IRS will never turn it’s abusive power against #WeThePeople again, there will be no more crony corrupt practices and corporate welfare involved in collecting tax revenue, consumer prices will fall as Business and Corporations will not pay tax on monies invested in creating jobs, infrastructure, innovation and research……and America will become a fully employed nation who can pay her bills and her debt and she will welcome her immigrants.  Government subsidies and welfare will be much reduced. Add the simplification and business friendly reform of regulations and America will be strong and healthy again. Abolishing the IRS is an important start in rolling back the abusive footprint of our government bureaucracies. Except for our national defense, most everything can be privatized. Privately owned, profitable business is more efficient and just, as we all know.


Why are Obama and the left so enamored with the murderous leftist dictators around the world? Do they really think they would survive under the cruel oppression of Castro or a Mao or a Chavez? No. The leftist dictators are the oppressors of the workers, no matter what their rhetoric is. There is no such thing as a benevolent dictator. In Obama’s case, I think he is a wanna be dictator. I am just not sure he has the stomach to imprison or murder more than half our population, like the rest of the world’s dictators were and are. Why would any American leader want to take away our individual sovereignty and self governance rights? Why would any American want a statist government where a few elitists have the right to make the rules for the majority? At best the Castros will both die shortly and there is no one to carry on their repulsive oppressive experiment in Marxism. The People have never faired well under Marxism or Communism. It always brings them oppression and poverty. Why the left continues to be enamored with it, I do not know.