Why are our leaders perpetuating the lies of Dorian Johnson?

What kind of leadership do we have? They are perpetuating the proven lie of Dorian Johnson, Michael Brown’s companion. Ferguson Law enforcement and Prosecutor tried to tell the mob that the facts said that Wilson was defending himself but Obama and Holder forced a grand jury. Now the Grand Jury has reviewed all the evidence and said the same thing. Obama, Holder, Rev Al, Rev Jackson, all the usual race hustlers, NAACP, Black Panthers, communist groups, radical leftists groups and anarchists all came to Sanford Florida and did the same thing they did in Ferguson. The people of Sanford just didn’t riot and burn down their neighborhood like Ferguson did. Why would our leaders perpetuate a lie, to divide our nation and create instability and chaos? The truth is Brown strong armed a store keeper, shop lifted, attacked a police officer and tried to take his gun, run away and charged back to finish his beat down or worse of Trooper Wilson. Wilson shot him in self defense. Brown was the weapon. Why continue to incite the mob to violence? Why continue to repeat the lies of Dorian Johnson? Brown was not a victim of Trooper Wilson. He was a victim of incompetent corrupt Democrat leadership that destroyed his city, left him in a failed school and a violent, crime filled neighborhood, make the people generationally government dependent. All of which left Michael Brown an angry ,belligerent, lawless young man. Democrats have a lot to answer for. They are now exploiting the anger and hopelessness that they created. Progressives blame Republicans, business, law enforcement and the white man for what they destroyed and they are now encouraging the distrust, the envy and the lawless entitlement that is killing our black children. It should be noted Progressives are now destroying the middle class by burdening their employers into stagnating growth, with high taxes and increased regulations. More of the middle class has become dependent on government welfare, from food stamps to healthcare.

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