Immigration Reform–what to do about Obama

My advice to the new Congress is to Ignore Obama, work around him. He wants a fight. He does not want anything to be done. Take him to court when he breaks our laws. The last 6 years of infighting and chaos were by his direction. The last four years of governing thru executive actions and bureaucratic regulations were by his direction. We have just come off 4 years of a do nothing Congress, full of hateful divisive comments. Obama has threatened veto for anything he does not agree with, so make the bills veto proof. There are still some Democrats who love their country more than their party. They realize their party leaders are radical leftists and that is not who America is.  I am with Boehner, no grandstanding, just get it done. Immigration needs to be done in small increments, prioritizing security first, then ID-ing everyone here and kicking out the immigrant felons, anarchists, communists, radical islamists and terrorists. We have our own anti American disrupters, we do not need to import any more. Congress does not do comprehensive bills well as we have seen with that hot mess, the ACA. I am for a 3 month funding for the Homeland Security Department. I would put the EPA on a short leash as well. They are hurting our economy and in the end they have become a security risk as well. An economically weak America is a security risk. Building the pipeline and increasing our energy output and exporting to Europe and the free world would stabilize the world’s security too. The free world should not be intimidated and threatened by Russia, OPEC or the South American Marxist countries. The EPA threatens world security with their increasingly fascist actions against the free market. The world uses carbon energies and they will use just as much carbon energy, whether it is ours or the countries who mean us ill. Why not let that energy be America’s? Why not jump start our economic comeback by building the pipeline and increasing our energy production?

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