The death of Eric Ganner in NY.

Why does Obama always make it about race. He divides our nation constantly. I saw the NY video. The man was resisting arrest. Why do people do that? It did not look like a choke hold to me–the pressure was on the side of his neck. if it was a sleeper hold, he did not lose conciousness. It looked like an accidental death. the man was 359 pounds and he had a heart attack. The police should have taken notice of the fact that he said he could not breath. That negligence is on the whole group of police there, not just one. I wonder if the evidence we do not know, might be that Eric Ganrner was in bad health. Was he a ticking time bomb, ripe for a heart attack. A better question should be why the governing elitists –De Blasio—make cigarette selling as a police prority. You know with the number of police there this was a task force to arrest those that conducted illegal cigarette sales.

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