Our President is a radical leftist agitator set on his change.

They have gotten worse because President Obama, AG Holder and other radical leftists use race baiting to divide our nation. They continue to lie about the reasons for Young black men dying. Brown and Garner resisted arrest. Why? Why is their such anger and disrespect for authority in the inner city black community? Why did New York Law Makers and Mayor DeBlasio make selling loose cigarettes a front of the line police issue? That is just a stupid law. The inner city black community is comitting their own genocide . Not only is the black baby abortion rate five times that of the white community in NYC, but black leaders encourage the anger, lawless disrespect for authority and other’s property that kills their children every day. Democrat Progressive leadership have created a powder keg mob mentallity that they can release anytime they want. It was Democats that destroyed our inner cities, leaving them with generational poverty, government dependence, high unemployemnt, failed schools and increasing violence and crime filled neighborhoods. It was Democrats that created the anger, lawless disrespect and hopelessness that creates the mob mentallity and it is the radical leftists, anarchists, Black Panthers, communists and unions that are agitating the mob to violence. Our President and his army of diseffected and disrupters are dividing our nation and creating the chaos and instability needed to force their marxist change on us.

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