Obama’s reckless release of Guantanamo prisoners

We need to stop releasing these guys from Guantanamo. Obama is wrong. Prisoners of war do not get released until after the enemy signs a treaty. The Taliban has not done that. AlQaida has not done that. The people directly associated with the 911 attack need to be tried in a military court for war crimes and sentenced.
Feinstein and the Senate Dems have become America’s enemies after they release the interrogation report, tommorrow. Who will trust us or work with us after they out countries and individuals who assisted us in the rendition of the terrorists and their supporters? Feinstein is putting a target on their backs and is endangering Americans the world over, not to mention giving ideologues around the world evidence to bring World Court charges against us. Obama stopped rendition and now we have a whole lot less intel on people who wish us harm. We are at war. We should question our enemy and we should be using enhanced interrogation techniques when needed. If waterboarding has you pants in a bunch, then stop that, but don’t be suicidal, don’t hurt our country and our citizens, Mr. President. Feinstein and all those who support publishing this report are being recklessly stupid and endangers America’s security. The President, Feinstein and other Democrats have such a hate for President Bush, Republicans and America’s supposed past sins, that they are willing to endanger our country and her people in their zeal for retribution.

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