Enhanced interrogation radical leftist witch hunt by hypocrites.

We know what enhanced interrogation is. Some of us, like me, support it. Others do not. Others like Senator Feinstein, Senator Rockefeller and President Obama hypocritically say they don’t, though they do support NSA spying, they do support the IRS being used as a political&ideological weapon and they do support droning of terrorists, including American terrorists without trial. It should be noted that Feinstein and Rockefeller knew of the program and what it was before it was implemented. It should also be noted that the Justice Department declared the enhanced interrogation program legal and strict protocols were adhered to. That is why no criminal charges have been implemented. So, no, I do not think this report should be released. Not only is our security and the security of our Allies at risk, we mute the effectiveness of the CIA, who is charged with protecting us. It seems the Obama Administration is throwing all law enforcement under the Bus at their own and our peril. This witch hunt by partisan leftist radicals that hate America, hate President Bush and other Republicans so much that they are willing to endanger all Americans and our allies in their blind eagerness for revenge and to rewrite history. I have no respect for those that are releasing this report. They are the Benedict Arnold’s of our day.

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