My wish list for the new Congress

Remove most ACA mandates,,cadillac tax,medical device tax, allow policies to travel with the consumer&open up health care insurance to competition in all 50 states. Americans will chose quality care that suits them at lower prices.Those that have subsidized care or Medicaid will move off once they return to the workforce. Secure the Border by sending monies to the states. They will have to secure our southern border as Obama will not. Build the pipeline and allow more drilling on public lands. Exporting natural gas, oil and coal to Europe and the free world stops the aggression and intimidation of Russia, OPEC and the Marxist nations in South America. Replace the taxcode with a consumption tax on all goods and services,including exports. The IRS and Democrats can never be trusted again not to use it as a weapon against our people. Consumer prices will decrease because businesses/corporations. will not pay tax on any monies used to create jobs, build business infrastructure, invested in research and innovation. Prices will also go down after regulations are simplified and compliance costs reduce. Everyone will pay to support our government and pay off our nation killing debt–all citizens, immigrants, visitors, foreign students and foreign consumers. We will become a fully employed nation, again and a fully employed nation welcomes immigrants. A fully employed nation reduces government welfare and balances her budget. Replacing the tax code with a consumption tax, solves a whole lot of this nation’s problems. ID everyone here, kick out the felons. Make the immigration department work in an efficient and fair manner providing the immigrants needed for our economic needs. If anyone wants citizenship, the start the process at the back of the line. Immigration reform comes after our nation is back to a robust economy. America needs jobs to pay the governments bills and to support our citizens and our immigrants, If Democrats help, most bills sent to President Obama can be veto proof. Congress needs to work around Obama and mute the harm he does with executive orders and abusive bureaucratic regulations. He will not change his radical leftist agenda. He means to harm American and our people.

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