Feinstein, Rockefeller&Senate Dems endanger our people and our allies with release of flawed biased report.

Feinstein and the Dems did not question any CIA people involved in the program. They did not acknowledge the Justice Department and Holder’s investigation and the fact that no charges were filed because nothing illegal was done. They did however take the word of 2 lawyers who were defending Gitmo detainees. They did however smear the CIA for things that were done by contractors or other countries. This report is an unbalanced propaganda piece done by petty partisans. Hypocrites Feinstein, Rockefeller and the other Dems all knew about the enhanced interrogation program before it’s implementation. They were also informed of the rendition program under Clinton. Shame on them for putting our people and our allies at risk. The deaths caused by their revengefull hate filled, action is on President Obama and the arrogant Dems. We already knew most of what is in this report. Most of us acknowled that we would sanction enhanced interrogation to save our family. We didn’t know Feinstein spent 40 million dollars on it. The “We Know Best” crowd are bankrupting us as well as killing us now.

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