I support the bipartisan spending bill.

 While there is some waste, there are several good things in this bill and I support it. This spending bill will allow the new Congress the breathing room to pass much needed reforms to fix our nation. America needs jobs to pay our bills and our nation killing debt… and we need the border secured. That means we need to simplify the tax and regulatory codes so that they will be business friendly. The costs of doing business in America is just job killing and nation destroying craziness. The pipeline will lead the way back to economic recovery for our nation. The jobs may be temporary,but all construction jobs are,aren’t they? Increased energy production will allow the exports to Europe and the free world, decreasing the agression, intimidation and threats of OPEC,Russia, and the South American Marxist nations. An economically strong America reduces China’s agression too. We need jobs for our citizens and our immigrants before we ID everyone here, kick out the felons, craft and implement a smart Immigrantion Program that will fit the economic needs of our nation.


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