Why are Obama and the left so enamored with the murderous leftist dictators around the world? Do they really think they would survive under the cruel oppression of Castro or a Mao or a Chavez? No. The leftist dictators are the oppressors of the workers, no matter what their rhetoric is. There is no such thing as a benevolent dictator. In Obama’s case, I think he is a wanna be dictator. I am just not sure he has the stomach to imprison or murder more than half our population, like the rest of the world’s dictators were and are. Why would any American leader want to take away our individual sovereignty and self governance rights? Why would any American want a statist government where a few elitists have the right to make the rules for the majority? At best the Castros will both die shortly and there is no one to carry on their repulsive oppressive experiment in Marxism. The People have never faired well under Marxism or Communism. It always brings them oppression and poverty. Why the left continues to be enamored with it, I do not know.

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