Sony Hack

While I never would have gone to see a comedy on the assassination of the North Korean dictator, I also would never have caved to the extortion of the hacker. This mistake will be revisited soon.  The Islamists and the Middle Eastern countries do not like “Homeland”. How soon will a hacker extort Showtime and the cable and satellite companies? The correct answer to this extortion would have been to hire more security and show the damn film. The correct answer for this would be for Sony to release the DVDs, now.  The correct answer for this would be for the US government to start protecting our businesses from these hackers before they really hurt us.

One question. Why would our government not only be asked to sign off on the ending in this film, but why would they sign off on it? Did our government collude with Sony to “embarrass and anger” the North Korean dictator? Was this a petty reckless “bullying” tweak by our President for not bending to his will? I seem to remember a CIA connection to the  anti Islamic film maker and his video production that President Obama blamed for the Benghazi attacks.

One more observation. The Guardians of Peace Hacker, is GOP an accidental acronym? Could the hacker that was MAYBE hired by North Korea be just  another reckless petty radical leftist from our fine country


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