My pitch for the Consumption Tax

The IRS, 0ur leaders and  bureaucratic political activists cannot be trusted ever again to not use the IRS bureaucracy against their opposition. The IRS has become a political weapon for the left, a bully and an extortionist group. It has to go. A consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports would solve a whole bunch of America’s problems. Not only does everyone ( all citizens,immigrants,visitors,foreign students and foreign consumers) support our government, revenue goes up, the IRS will never turn it’s abusive power against #WeThePeople again, there will be no more crony corrupt practices and corporate welfare involved in collecting tax revenue, consumer prices will fall as Business and Corporations will not pay tax on monies invested in creating jobs, infrastructure, innovation and research……and America will become a fully employed nation who can pay her bills and her debt and she will welcome her immigrants.  Government subsidies and welfare will be much reduced. Add the simplification and business friendly reform of regulations and America will be strong and healthy again. Abolishing the IRS is an important start in rolling back the abusive footprint of our government bureaucracies. Except for our national defense, most everything can be privatized. Privately owned, profitable business is more efficient and just, as we all know.

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