Two NYPD officers murdered

President Obama, AG Holder, Mayor DeBlasio, Race Hustler Al Sharpton, Attorney Crump and Parks, Black Panthers, SEIU, radical leftists and anarchists have all incited the mob to violence and destruction with their deceptive emotional rhetoric . They all have blood on their hands this day because of their reckless deceptive manipulative propaganda. They have given the criminals, the violent mentally ill, the jihadist and the murderers, false anti police and racist grievances to hide behind and to blame others for their monstrous acts.

How does it help the black community when crime and poverty has increased in their inner city communities these past 6 years? My God, Washington, reform the damn tax and regulatory codes and allow our employers to create jobs! My God big cities allow the inner city parents to choose their schools, Government schools have failed! Those two policeman were there to protect the community. How does it help the inner city black community when their leaders have deceived them about police abuse? Garner was resisting arrest and he died because he had a health issue, not a chokehold. His death was an accident. It was DeBlasio that put selling loosie cigarettes a police priority. It is a dumb law. Brown strong armed a store keeper, shoplifted, attacked a police officer,ran away but charged back to finish the beat down. That was self defense. Martin attacked and bashed the head of a community watchman on the sidewalk. The watchman shot him in self defense. None of these deaths were the result of racism or law enforcement biased abuses. The shooting deaths of the Cleveland 12 year old with the toy gun and the death of the young man in the darkened hallway are however negligent homicide. It sounds like the police panicked and did not use common sense.

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