Cspan asks if we are pessimistic or optimistic.

Pessimistic. We have a part time/entry level job recovery. Because we are burdening our employers so much with the ACA, taxes, regulations and compliance costs, they cannot grow and provide the good paying  full time jobs we need. Main Street is being destroyed and poverty is becoming a permanent generational condition. Though the numbers say there is no inflation, we all know that food and goods costs are increasing, while our wages our stagnant. Every week we have another government crisis and a Justice Department that will not investigate properly.Document after document is withheld or redacted, as the government hides it’s corruption and the bureaucracies are turned into political and ideological weapons against We The People. From Fast and Furious,to Benghazi, to IRS, to the NSA spying on all of us, including our media, we have witnessed a government run without Constitutional or legal boundaries. There are wars withing wars in an increasingly unstable chaotic world as we are negotiating with terrorists and dictators, while disparaging our allies. Our President has aligned himself with the likes of Al Sharpton, Mayor Deblasio, Eric Holder, radical leftists, communists, anarchists to forment a feeling of grievance politics which have led to riots, destruction and murder, blaming racist law enforcement and a flawed jury system for the deaths of black me. They are ripping our nation apart with their deceptive manipulative rhetoric of division, pitting one group against each other. So, yes, I am pessimistic that our President does not have our best interests at heart. I believe he hates America and we will be witness to more of his reckless, dangerous policies these next two years. He is not a good man and he is definitely not a patriot.

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