Why are the protestors so angry and full of hate.

We know why the leftists, like Obama,Holder and their bunch, want the disruption and chaos, but why can they incite the mob to do their dirty business.?Why are they listening and believing the deceptions. Granted some are just using the leftists lies as an excuse to murder and destroy, but why are they so angry? Could it be that Progressive policies have made their lives so crappy, they have nothing but anger left and are ripe for manipulation from those same Progressives? Progressive policies have created generational poverty,government dependence, high crime, failed schools and high unemployment and illiteracy. Now Progressives feed the anger and dispair that they caused to disrupt and force Marxist change on the only true Democratic Republic on earth. Progressives may change their name every generation, but they are still communists and they do not belong in America, the land of the free. As for Sharpton, his motive is power, greed and profit. He is a true scumbag.

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