The Senate will have to veto proof the bills to over rule Obama’s continued authoritarian rule.

Americans will have to put pressure on their Democrat Senators to make the bills veto proof. Obama does not have America’s best interest at heart. In fact, I think he is a manchurian candidate and an enemy of the state. Democrat Senators will have to choose what is best for our country and our people over the President’s radical leftist, anti American agenda. Our nation is in trouble. We need tax reform and regulatory reform that will encourage job growth from business, to pay¬†our bills, balance the budget, build infrastructure and pay off the nation killing debt. We allow Obama to have his way, our Republic will be destroyed. Over the years, the Progressives have changed their name several times. Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, communist and statist,it is all the same anti capitalist anti individual freedom, anti American dribble we don’t believe in.

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