We are pulling out of Afghanistan

Let’s put it this way. I felt sad as our colors were taken down. I felt like we deserted and turned our backs on the Afghanistan women and children. The Taliban will destroy the schools and enslave the women–AGAIN. We broke our promise. We are behaving dishonorably. Now let’s hope Obama’s micromanaging does not spread our 11000 troops too thin to where our people will be massacred. I have no faith in Obama. Look at Iraq,Syria and Libya to see what Obama’s leadership has done to the Middle East. Thank God, Egypt said NO to Obama and kicked out the radical islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood. There is no coexistence and negotiation with radical islam for any nation, especially us. Their ideology is evil. Ad anger to how I feel, now. I always thought we returned prisoners of war after a treaty or surrender is signed. Did I miss that event with the Taliban or any other Islamist organization? It just disgusts me to what Obama has done. We could have done better. We could have left Afghanistan in better shape.
 I feel so conflicted. At the same time, I want the wars to stop, I want the bloodshed to end and I feel we should be able to stop these wars by starving the money flow and punishing those that are supporting this evil theological political war. We have Muslim reformers here and around the world that want to reform their religion and abolish Sharia’s more barbaric laws and militant jihad. Why not do more to support that? Why not invite the Muslim reformers to the White House, instead of radical islamic groups like CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and their affiliates? In the end, it has to be Islam that reforms Islam and repudiates the military jihad, barbaric, evil tennants of 600AD.

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