Obama’s created crisis’

Crisis number one. The recession. Obama took the money that the banks had paid back and spent it on his agenda. He also gave money to GMC and Chrysler that was not paid back. He also gave money to green energy companies that went bankrupt and did not pay back their loans. Obama borrowed 1.5 Trillion dollars every year for his first term and then claimed he reduced the deficit every year since by half and this year by 2/3. Obama has increased our debt by 8 trillion dollars in 6 years. When the interest rate goes up, we will not have anything left for those great social services. Crisis number two. Fast and Furious–Obama sold guns to the drug cartel and attempted to use the murder and mayhem statistics to force anti second amendment legislation on us. Crisis number three. Benghazi. Obama and Clinton lied about what caused the attack. They even lied about who it was that killed our people. It was Al Qaida. Why did they lie? What are they hiding and why did they reduce security and leave our diplomats unsecured? Crisis number 4. The IRS was used as a political and ideological weapon against conservative groups. Their voice was denied during an election. The ATF, Oshea, and the FBI were used to harrass , litigate and deny their 501C4 status by delaying the IRS process. Many Democrats were involved and the trail leads to the DOJ and a White House lawyer, who has not prosecuted anyone. Crisis number 5. First Amendment and fourth amendment rights. The NSA spied and collected all of our data and the data of most of the world, including allied leaders. The FBI at the behest of the DOJ and probably the White House spied on the media. Lord knows who the CIA spied on. Crisis number 6. Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders and his refusal to execute US law. Crisis Number 7. Obama’s continued divisive rhetoric has resulted in the deaths of police and the murder and mayhem we currently have. Obama, Holder, DeBlasio, Sharpton, Jackson, Crump and Park, anarchists and other radical leftist organizations have inflamed the mob, the violent criminals and the mentally ill into murder and mayhem with their deceptive rhetoric about racist police and racist America. Martin,Brown and deaths had nothing to do with race, while policeman, Ramos and Liu, was the result of blind hatred , lawlessness and bias that the President encouraged.

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