Obama insults our ally, Israel, again.

Who would ever thought that an American President would interfer with an Israeli election just because the Prime Minister will not recklessly acquiese to said American President’s will that would surely reduce Israel’s security and means to defend herself. Why would an American President send a team to assist the opposition party to defeat the said Prime Minister in his reelection bid? Further, why would an American President publicly and rudely refuse to meet the Prime Minister when he comes to address Congress? Why would our President be in such a petty snit? Could it be that Prime Minister Netanyhu, like Churchilll, will warn us and the world of another barbaric supremacist ideology that threatens humanity? Could it be that the Prime Minister will call this theological enemy what it is, Radical Islam? Could it be that we and the world will see that President Obama has not only appeased, but negotiated with and ignored the genocide of the world’s enemy, just like Neville Chamberlain and the global academic elite did before WWll? Could it be that Barack Obama will be revealed as the deceiver he is and has always been?

Obama and the Radical Islamists

In order to depose Kaddaffi, Clinton and Obama made deals with Al Qaida, our enemy and that snake came back and killed our people in Benghazi. Do I have that right? In Egypt, Obama and Clinton supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after Mubarack was deposed and had a hissy fit when Egyptians said no to the Sharia persecution that the Radical Islamists imposed and deposed them. Now Obama and the State Department are meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, again. Are they planning another coup ?Why? The Syrian rebels, the doctors,the lawyers, the regular people had Assad on his heels, but Obama waited until the Radical Islamists had infiltrated their ranks and Assad had recovered before he sent help. Why? President Obama Ignored the barbaric persecution and genocide of the Assidis and the Christians until the public outcry made him send help, limited as it is. To this day, he has not armed the Kurds and the other minorities, always deferring to the Iraqi government who is inbed with radical islamist Iran. Now Obama is negotiating with Iran, a radical islamist terrorist led nation, allowing them time to finish their nuclear weapons program and their intercontinental missile program. Why? Obama is releasing Gitmo detainees before any truce or surrender is signed with the radical islamist group the detainees fought in. Why? Obama has taken the side of Hamas and Palestinians over our ally Israel. Obama has also sent some of his people from his 2008 election team over to work with Netanyahu’s opposition, trying to defeat the Prime Minister in the upcoming election. Not to mention, Obama has just publicly embarrassed Netanyahu again by refusing to meet with him during his address in front of our Congress.  Why would an American President interfere with Israel elections? Netanyahu refuses to be bullied by Obama and will not reduce Israel’s security by acquiescing to Obama’s will. Why? Our President is recklessly negotiating with our enemy the Radical Islamists. Why? President Obama refuses to say we are at war with Radical Islam and it’s barbaric, supremacist theology. Why? Does Obama just want the Middle East in Flames or does he want two Caliphates, one Shite and one Sunni? Maybe he thinks the Shite and the Sunni will make nice if Iran can hasten the end times so the Mahdi will come. Or maybe our President is just an incompetent fool,paralized with familia loyalty and guilt with a heavy dose radical leftist lunacy. 

Why the public is skeptical about Climate change.

Scientists have been caught lying and inflating facts, about climate change data, especially UN scientists. In my opinion it is more about money, control and power, than a real problem. The sun has more to do with the change in our climate than people. It is a natural cycle. Perhaps nature is preparing the earth to feed and water the 10 billion people projected to be on the planet in 2085. Increased carbon dioxide is needed to increase food output and melting some of the ice caps will provide the needed water. I think a little warming is a good thing. It sure beats the ice age the scientists predicted in the 70s. The scientists would do better finding a cheap and efficient way to remove salt from sea water. We will need more drinking water and irrigation water to water our plant and animal food sources instead of trying to make bugs a food source . I don’t want my grandchilden eating bugs.

The Senate passed the Pipeline bill—–YEAH

The Government should use the extra revenue to find a cheap abundant efficient alternative if Obama and the environmentalists REALLY care. Wind and solar are too inefficient and heavily subsidized. They aren’t it. Just saying, I think this fuss from the radical left is about something else entirely. The Pipeline is a safer way to move the oil that we and the rest of the world use. It has a much lower carbon footprint than rails. Not to mention 40000 good paying jobs and the other 40000 support jobs the pipeline will create is nothing to sneeze about. Though temporary, they pay the bills of the employee, reduce government dependent and pay the government’s bills for a while. We should have the tax and reg reforms needed to create and replace those jobs by then. Thank you, Congress.

Al Jazeera, like Obama, uses political correctness to silence public discourse and weaken our war on terror

Political and ideological correctness is killing us and defeating us. We are at war, the world is at war, humanity is at war with Radical Islam and it’s violent inhumane barbaric supremacist theology. I wish our President was not a Neville Chamberlain/Sal Alinsky clone. Obama is a dangerous leader. His reckless inability to name the enemy and provide a comprehensive strategy to defeat the enemy imperils not only us, but the world. As for Al Jazeerah who really trusted them to not be apart of Radical Islam’s jihad? They are the media and they know that words matter. Look at Churchill, he defeated another Supremacist ideology with his words defining the danger to humanity. Netanyahu may be the Churchill of our time, warning the world of the dangers of Iran and the Radical Islamist march of darkness.

The White House spokesman, Schultz, says the Taliban is an armed insurgent group?!

The Obama crew really ought to have some outside voices in their elite radical leftist salons. They live in a different universe if they believe what they are saying. The Taliban is Radical Islam and Radical Islam and their violent barbaric supremacist theology is our enemy and it is the enemy of the modern world. There is no coexistence with it. Why our President is releasing combatants before a treaty or surrender is signed, I cannot say. Why he has not tried to deprogram the combatants before he releases them I do not know.It works like a cult and should be treated as such.

Has Boehner broken the Logan Act law or Has President Obama?

Obama has sent his  people, including the State Department, over to Israel to meet and work with Netanyahu’s opposition to defeat Bibi.  Jeremy Bird who worked for Obama in his 2012 campaign is working for the opposition. He would not be there if Obama didn’t want him there. I think our President might be the one that broke our Logan Act law. Netanyahu is addressing the Congress to get his take on the Iranian and Radical Islamists imminent danger to us. He is here to inform and I will be listening.  I will be listening to the Churchill of our day. Our President says the war is over, while we are still droning and bombing and while Radical Islam is calling for the death of America, Israel and any other infidel nation. Obama says the war on terror is over while Americans and others are publically beheaded, flogged and forcibly converted and enslaved to Sharia. We know that the war on terror rhetoric is just not true, but Obama continues to deny,distract,deflect and deceive. Obama is a cross between Chamberlain and Sal Alinsky of our day.
The Logan Act.   “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both”

Obama has violated his oath of office

Our President has violated his oath of office. Obama does not execute our laws and he does make up his own laws. His behavior is erratic. Everywhere he goes, everything he does, everything he touches,he leaves chaos and instability. He is either incredibly naive and incompetent or it is by design. Sal Alinsky and Clowerd and Piven have written that you must destroy economic and civil order to force thru marxism and transformally change America. I think Obama lied when he promised “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

My hopes for the Benghazi hearings

I hope Gowdy can find the truth about what happened. I hope our brave public servants and security personnel who were invoved, will come forward with the facts and answers to our questions. Why was security decreased in an Islamist Terror zone? Why were war assets moved away from the middle east on 911 so that there was no help for Benghazi personnel? Why did Obama say that our nation was prepared to respond to any attack on us on 911? Why did Obama and H Clinton lie about the video and take their lies and apology on the road to the UN and Pakistan? Why was Stevens in Benghazi on 911?What was the CIA mission? Why did Obama and the world not help Libya to stabilize their new government after deposing Kadaffi?

Really getting tired of the left’s hypocritical bashing of Bush and Corporations

Regarding, Iraq,the world, including our people,our Congress and the UN was on board with the war. All looked ate the world’s intelligence thought that Sadaam was a world threat. While many Dems have tried to rewrite history on this score, even they cannot refute that Saddam and his sons were monsters and the world is better off without him and his. As for welfare, I don’t have a problem with government welfare. I do have a problem with generations being forced into government dependence because our abusive tax and regulatory codes have destroyed good paying jobs by chasing corporations overseas. When our government attack our “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’semployers, burdens them into staganation and failure, it has essentially declared war on the middle class and destroyed it and destroyed any chance of upward mobilization for the poor. Under Obama Wall Street has excelled, but Main Street has lost ground. Giving, charity is an individual gift to God. Jesus said “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” In My opinion Government is taking more than it’s fair share. It is this greediness for power and control that will kill our economy and will kill the American Dream if we do not decrease it’s footprint substantially. The incompetence and cronyism of Congress started this ball rolling. Exibit one is the recession which was caused by the incompetent loose housing policies of our government. Yes the banks made the bad loans, pawned them off on Fanny and Freddie, but it was government policy that encouraged this reckless behavior and it was government oversight that allowed it.