Am I optimistic for the year 2015

I hope that the Congress and the judiciary will be able to control President Obama . His hubris is killing us both economically and physically. It is mY hope that the Congress will simplify and reform the tax and regulatory codes to be more business friendly.Americans need good paying jobs, not the part time/ entry level jobs that are available. Obama is destroying the middle class by burdening our employers. The middle class is losing ground, becoming more dependent on government welfare and our poor are becoming generationally dependent. The ACA threatens to be the death panel we all feared it would be and they knew it. As proof of that, the ACA architect, Jonathan Gruber has been caught on tape saying that the program is all about coverage and that to control costs, some treatments and care would have to be denied to consumers. Obama’s rhetoric does not match up to the results of his policies. Wall Street is doing just fine. It is Main Street that is gasping for breath. There is hope from this commenter, but not much optimism. The Congressional power of the purse may be able to check some of what Obama  does and the judiciary should find much of what he does unconstitutional. We are about to see if the checks and balances the Founder’s gave us can work in this modern age.


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