Obama has become the enemy of the American people.

Obama is attacking the middle class and America’s upward mobility miracle, despite his rhetoric to the always fight for the middle class. Thru regulations, taxes and the ACA Obama has burdened our employers into stagnation and in many cases, like the energy sector, he has destroyed business. Coal plants have shut down and the mines that supported them have too. Instead of moving oil by train, the Pipeline could move it in a safe and efficient manner, as well as providing 40,000 good paying jobs to Americans. Obama takes credit for the lower fuel costs, but truth be told the growth is in the private sector on private lands and state lands. Obama has denied federal lands to energy exploitation. Most of our new jobs are part time/ entry level jobs instead of the good paying full time jobs we once had and that is because of the burdens of abusive regulations, high corporate and small business taxes and increased compliance costs. Obama has made war on the middle class and the poor’s chance to climb the econoomic ladder by attacking our employers. I think this is a deliberate attempt to destroy the middle class. Poor,government dependent people are easier to control. Obama’s continued deceptive rhetoric of fair share, fair shot , spread the wealth is code for sharing in the poverty and oppression that Marxism brings. Obama is a global elitist who does not defend or support America’s Constitution and it’s protected freedoms and individual sovereignty. He is fast becoming the enemy of the American people. There is nothing American about Marxism.

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