Obama’s Marxist bent is killing the middle class and America’s upward mobility.

In Marxist countries there is no middle class, no upword mobility. Obama’s policies have burdened our employers. That is an attack on the middle class and the poor. The mandated fines for not having expensive health insurance is an attack on the middle class. More and more of the middle class are receiving food stamps and subsidized healthcare. The middle class is losing ground on it’s indepence. The poor receive heavily subsidized and sometimes free health care and they also receive government welfare and food stamps. This makes them permanently dependent on government. There is no upward mobility for them. Wages have decreased. Most of the new jobs are part time or entry level. Obama knows this, that is why the big push is on for raising the minimum wage to a living wage. How ridiculous is it that our President thinks it is okay to raise a family on an entry level jobs? Obama has always said he is working for the Middle Class, but the results of his policies say just the opposite. While Wall Street is going like a house afire, Main Street Middle America is losing ground under his policies and I think it is a deliberate agenda to do it. We have always heard that the middle class and the ability to move up the economic ladder no matter what your position in life is what makes America prosperous and a beacon for freedom. .

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