The abusive ACA. ie: Obamacare

The only people who are signing up for the ACA are the heavily subsidized and Medicaid consumers. Also, there are a few, who could not get individual insurance because of their preexisting conditions. In his latest video, With the high deductibles, few are using it For that matter few doctors are excepting the ACA and Medicaid. because of low reimbursements. Medicare consumers are having that problem, too. Also, fewer are using their private sector insurance because of the new high deductibles caused by the ACA mandates that increase the policy costs. Gruber says that the ACA is a program to sign people up for healthcare, not a program to give superior healthcare and NOT a program to decrease the costs of healthcare. Indeed, he goes on to say that costs will come down thru denied care. Now who do you think will get denied care? Perhaps those that do not contribute to the common good? Perhaps the old? Death panels anyone? The sooner we get rid of most of the mandates and the onerous taxes in the ACA, the better. Open our healthcare up to competition in all 50 states. Let us choose what fits our families and our budgets. Taxing/fining people and businesses because they cannot afford healthcare is just stupid and abusive.

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