The cost of doing business just went up and that means those costs will be passed onto the American consumer

E Cigarretes. The FDA say it does Not know what is in the product? That could be said about a lot of products. Isn’t smoking Marajuana a carcinigen, just like cigarettes? What is in that marajuana? Supplements? Herbals? I am all for clean water, but the abusive fascist EPA wants to regulate your rainwater. your farm pond and your dry drainage ditch in your side yard. As for regulating power plants–how can you force a pollution reducing regulation when there is not product to do it or the product is so expensive it would put you out of business. Obama did say before he was President that he would bankrupt coal companies from existence thru abusive regulations and compliance costs. How about the jobs our President and his regulators are destroying? Why not invest in the clean innovation and research in burning coal and oil in a cleaner cheap fashion, instead of destroying industries and with them good paying jobs for Americans? Why not increase energy production, make ourselves energy independent and export to our allies who are being intimidated and extorted by other oil and coal nations.  As for the tank care regs–why not build the Pipeline? Moving oil and gas thru the pipelines is less costly and a whole lot safer, not to mention the 40 million jobs the Pipeline would provide. More regulations, though some are warranted, just means the costs of doing business in America just went up and those costs will be passed on to the American Consumers and it means fewer good paying jobs.

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