Give Speaker Boehner a chance to fix the mess, now that he has the Senate to help him.

So, tell me what more could Speaker Boehner have done? Senator Reid obstructed for 4 years, leaving 385 House bills on his desk. He did not bring them to the Senate floor for debate, amendment and conference. Reid stopped regular order. Both Obama and Reid have shown that if they did not get their way, they would hurt the American people, starting with the military and then the retirees. Grandstanding when everyone knows the battle is lost, just makes the country unstable.Obama will have to use his veto now and America will show their displeasure at his corrupt and incompetent governance when he does. America wants solutions and my advice to him is not to obstruct those solutions. Republicans can send Obama veto proof bills if the do not harden the hearts of Democrats. There are still Dems that love their country and do not want Obama’s Marxist utopia. America wants solutions to fix the messes, that keep our Constitutional freedoms intact and allows the American Dream to thrive. Americans need jobs to pay our bills, the government’s bills and the nation killing debt. United we Stand, Divided we fall. Speaker Boehner has a Senate now who will work with him to clean up the messes  Like the anti police , grievance protestors, your anger is misplaced. In both cases our anger should be aimed at the President and the Progressive Sal Alinsky activists who are using the mob to divide and disrupt our nation.

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