How do we get rid of the harmful ACA

Subsidized heathcare and Medicaid is still government welfare. Most Americans do not want to become more dependent on government and most Americans do not want their neighbors–that is who the taxpayer is– to pay for their healthcare. Most Americans have come to realize that the only way the ACA can control and reduce costs is by denying care. Death panels anyone? The ACA consumers have huge deductions. For those of us with private plans, our deductions have increase, too. This means we all delay care. Then there is the growing problem of finding doctors and hospitals who accept Medicaid and the ACA because of the low reimbursements and bureaucratic red tape. Medicare is starting to have the same problem.This year we will see the start of the penalty tax. How sick is it for our government to tax the poor and middle class because they cannot afford healthcare? Get rid of most of the mandates, the device tax, the cadillac tax and open our healthcare programs up to 50 state competition. Americans will choose the product that they can afford and fits their situation.

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