This is my message to Islam–CLEAN UP YOUR MESS!!

To Islam and the nations of Islam, you need to find your courage, civilize and reform your religion by rejecting the barbarity of 600AD and embracing the tolerance of modern society. This is your mess, Islam. You cowered in your corners, you did not stop the teachers of this abomination and you let this evil grow. You even supported and fed this blood thirsty ravenous beast. Reform your religion, Islam before this evil Islamist cult destroys you and your religion. The world cannot and will not coexist with such an ideological abomination. Islam makes up 1.7 billion of the world’s 7,2 billion population.  God would never demand His people to murder and subjugate our world’s people this way.  CLEAN YOUR MESS UP, ISLAM. We the people of the world are fed up with your crap.


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