My condolences Charlie Hebdo

I send my deapest condolences to your people, Charlie Hebdo Officiel.. The world is united against our common enemy, radical islam. There is no coexistence with those evil murderous cults that threaten our world today. How can anyone coexits with those that murder, bury alive, rape, and enslave children? How can anyone coexist with a cult that demands murder, the enslavement of sharia, and subjugation for everyone? To the peaceful, civilized People of Islam, you need to reform your religion, denounce the barbaric violence of 600AD and embrace the tolerance of modern society. That means you have to remove the mullahs and teachers who are teaching this false theology. Our God would never call you to act in such an evil This is your mess, Islam. Clean it up. You allowed it to grow and some of you even supported it. The world is fed up with you dirty laundry. Clean it up before it destroys you and your religion, Islam.

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