America does not care who our 2016 candidates are.

I think the media and the political animals would be surprised to know that AMERICA DOES NOT CARE ABOUT WHO OUR 2016 CANDIDATES ARE GOING TO BE. We are more interested in Congress fixing this mess. If they don’t you will see another spanking in 2016. Less job killing regs, taxcode replacement and simplification of both is what is needed for America to be fully employed with new good paying jobs and subsequent increasing wages it will provide. We want most of the repeal of most of the ACA mandates, the cadillac tax, device tax and we want the return of full time to be a 40 hour week. We also want healthcare providers to be open to a 50 state competive field, to bring down costs and provide the excellent healthcare we are used to. 2016 is all about the economy and Congress better fix it. We also want our nation secured, that means monies will have to be sent to the border states to stop illegal dangerous immigration. Obama will not secure our borders. He is so reckless with our security and welfare, both here and abroad and America is expecting Congress to protect us from his radical leftist agenda. America does not want Obama’s transformation.  That is what the last election was about.

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