Fixing the ACA

America realizes that Democrats will not admit that they passed a piece of bad legislation and Obama radical leftist bureaucrats made it worse. The ACA nailed it’s own coffin when Gruber said that the only way to control costs was to deny care, Democrat America woke up and started to look at this monster. America knows that Dems will not abolish the ACA, but they say they want to fix it. There may be enough votes to make those fixes, veto proof. Repealing most of the ACA mandates, the cadillac tax, device tax and returning of full time worker to a 40 hour week. would be a good start to fixing it, along with opening heathcare providers to a 50 state competive field, to bring down costs and provide the excellent healthcare we are used to. Bumping your head into a wall of Partisan NO is not smart. It may feel good to vent and posture, but without Dems, the Congress cannot override Obama’s reckless petty veto. We must control Obama and mute the harm he is doing, while helping America’s economic recovery. It is going to take our Judiciary and our Congress-both Democrat and Republican- to do it. 


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