How do we defeat Radical Islam

We need to remove the teachers and Imans who are indoctinating their people into this murderous barbaric theology. It is like a cult. It has all the signs of a cult–fantatical and repetive worship , ritual , emotion, liturgy and attitude. Why we do not deprogram those in prison, I do not know. Speaking of prisons, that is a main source of islamist radicalization. That should be easy to stop. Otherwise we will have another generation of these madmen. We need to give the reformers of Islam a greater voice. Right now the only one making the news is the terrorists. There is no coexistence with enslaving Sharia Laws and the 600AD barbarity of radical islam for enlightened modern tolerant civilizations. For now we kill them and if we put them in prison we try to deprogram them and we keep them away from radicals.

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