The Dems need to except the reality regarding Keystone

The Democrats are denying reality. FACTS: The world will use the Canadian oil, whether we refuse to build the Keystone or not. It is enviromentally safer to use the Pipeline than the rail system. Keystone has a smaller carbon footprint than rail. American Oil will have use of the Pipeline. Energy independence makes our nation so much more secure. Exporting carbon energies to our allies around the world make them more secure, also. For too long the free world has been intimidated and extorted by countries who do not embrace our democratic values. We have been funding terrorists and dictators by buying their oil. That is just stupid. Our nation is blessed and we have an abundance of coal, oil and gas. Increasing our exploitiation will help bring peace to the world, while it also improves our economy. Construction jobs are always temporary and the government needs the revenue to pay it’s bills and the nation killing debt. 40,000 temporary good paying jobs will allow Americans to pay their bills until the next job. Unless we want to reduce our quality of living and the opportunity for a better life to people here and around the world, we will continue to use oil, gas and coal until we find a cheap efficient and abundant alternative. We do not have that yet. Alternatives are still government subsidized, inefficient and costly. Insulting Canada by denying them our port and refineries is stupid. This is reality. Vote for the Keystone. It is just common sense.

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