Obama wants two years of free college for everyone….?

Two years of free college is already available. College courses are available for the last two years of High School. Give High School kids a choice–college courses and/or vocational school. Also, much of college can be done online, whether in the HS school room or home.We need to think outside of the box and give the communities the power to innovate. Remove the incompetent corrupt Feds from our schools. I graduated HS in 1969. My education was so much better than what the kids have now, especially what the inner city kids receive. As for a free two years of community college for older students, if you do not make the classes online or build new colleges/hire more personnel, the costs will go up. Government may be paying but it would be paying a whole lot more because of the availability.  Don’t forget,Government is we the taxpayer. Subsidizing more services is not a good idea. That is one of the reasons why regular colleges can increase their prices year after year. They are full to the brim .  Employers and entrepreneurs could look into the High Schools and exchange education monies for a set amount of years of employment with that employer or gradesMore vocational schools and apprentice programs, paired with employers needs, would take care of many people’s educational wants. Most college courses can be done online.. This would be cost effective and students could work around their employment. Our country does not have the money to pay for two years of college. Our States and our communities do no have the money for two years of free college. However, there are things we can do to bring down costs and their are other ways to train for a new career. Not everyone’s career requires a college degree. Throwing money at our education problem will not fix anything. It will just ad more money to our dangerous national debt.


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