Republicans undo Obama’s executive actions on Immigration thru the Homeland Security budget

Obama will not secure our borders, especially our southern border. This is a reckless political and ideolgical move and it is so dangerous. Can monies be sent to the southern states to secure our southern border? Canada is a good working partner, so we do not have to do that there, but Mexico is almost a failed Narco state and they are allowing their cartel crime syndicate to infiltrate our country. The terrorists are coming in with the cartels and immigrants. This needs to stop. Until we are a fully employed nation with good paying jobs, we cannot afford to support anymore less educated immigrants. We will need business friendly tax and reg reforms for that happy day. We definitely need to keep out the criminals and the terrorists. Obama does not seem to have any common sense. His polically correct world is killing us and bankrupting our nation. Send monies to the states to secure our borders, …..until Obama is out and we can reform our immigration system so that it is a just and efficient system that will provide the economic and security needs that our country demands.


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