Zimmerman was arrested for domestic violence.

I put this situation at Obama’s door and those activists that harassed and demonized Zimmerman. The truth is Martin attacked, overwhelmed and bashed the head in of an armed man. If you are armed you shoot him, otherwise you die or are critically injured. For those that say, Martin attacked because he was scared–he could have walked home. Zimmerman was doing his neighborhood watch job. Watchmen follow strangers in their neighborhood. Zimmerman needs to get out of Florida and he needs pschological help. The public mentally broke this man and destroyed his life. Sanford knew it was self defense, but Obama and Holder forced a trial. They and the same activists, Sharpton, Crump, Park, Black Panthers interferred in Ferguson and in NYC and we see what that deceptive propaganda did. The Anarchists and SEIU joined in this latest fray. Our President and his people are Sal Alinsky radical leftists, bent on creating and exploiting crisis’ by deception and grievance politics. This causes the instability and chaos needed to force thru their radical leftist agendas.

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