Replace the IRS with a consumption tax, PLEASE

Replace the way we collect our government revenue with a consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports. It is a form of the Fair Tax, it is simple, just and efficient. Businesses/Corporations would not pay tax on any monies that are invested in creating jobs, building infrastructure, or on monies invested in research, developement and innovation. Ad business friendly reg reforms that reduce the costs of doing business and We would be a fully employed nation with employers competing for employees. That means excellent healthcare benefits, retirement benefits and increased wages. Everyone pays to support our government–citizens, immigrants,visitors,foreign students and foreign consumers–and revenue increases, while consumer prices decrease. The IRS will never be used as a political and ideological weapon against We The people again. The IRS employees and all the smarmy bureaucrats, like Koskinen, can go pound the pavement and look for another employer.  Immigration will be hiring because America will need extra employees to handle the economic boom.

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