This Pope is a little strange

This Pope has some strange musings. He makes me not trust him. He makes me question where his heart is. In his latest remarks the Pope seems to be siding with the Islamists view that you can expect retaliation if you insult their religion. Maybe the translation is wrong on them, but if they are, He should clarify his stand on the this. It is one thing to give someone a punch and it is quite another to murder them for what they say. Also, he needs to clarify why he would support the climate change scam hatched by the global elitists for greed,control and power . While he is at it, he can explain his Marxist anti capitalism economic view. He is a little bit weird, this Pope, One minute encouraging the world’s governments to annihlate the radical islamists and the next siding with them and blaming Charlie Hedbo and others who insult Islam for the attacks. What about the Jewish Deli attack? Maybe his true views were lost in translation. I hope so.


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