Obama’s war on the middle class

Obama has burdened Middle Class employers into stagnation and closings with ACA taxes, increased taxes, increased compliance costs and regulations.It is the Middle Class that have increased health costs because of the ACA mandates, further stretching the dollar, along with increased food costs, increased costs of goods and services. Increasing the inheritance tax to 60% attacks the middle class again. It is middle class small businesses and small farms that are going to have to sell to pay this tax. Despite the working for his working for the middle class rhetoric, Obama is destroying the Middle Class with a thousand cuts. The poor are fast becoming generationally dependent on government welfare and the Middle Class is swelling those ranks. ACA subsidies are just another government welfare program. Wall Street is doing just fine in Obamaland, it is Main Street that is being destroyed. Obama’s promises and his rhetoric never match the results of his policies and actions. He is either the most incompetent man in America or he is the greatest deceiver.

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