Is Obama incompetent?Delusional? Or is he a great deceiver?

Obama is either the most delusional and incompetent President we have ever seen or…he is this nation’s biggest deceiver. There are wars within wars with Radical Islam’s aggression and barbarism causing chaos, instability and deaths all over the war. Look at Libya. Look at Syria. Look at Iraq. Look at Yemen. Look at Nigeria. Look at Niger. Just look at what radical islam is doing to people? Enslaving little girls, raping mothers and daughters, beheading , murdering boys for watching a soccer game. Burying people alive, murdering babies, crucifying people, murdering Christians, forcibly converting or murdering everyone who opposes them. Radical Islam is a monstrous inhuman supremacist theology and our President will not aggressively fight it. He will not defend us. His puny actions are minimal. He is releasing Gitmo detainees and imprisoned terrorists before any treaties or surrenders are signed by the Taliban, ISIS, Al Qaeda or any other radical islamist group. How crazy, how reckless and how dangerous is that? As for our economy improving,he is just crazy stupid. We have more people using food stamps, more part time jobs, more people receiving free or highly subsidized healthcare and more government dependence that we ever have had in our nation’s history, not to mention Obama will have doubled our debt by the time he finishes his reign. Regulations and their increasing compliance costs, as well as a crony corrupt abusive tax system are stopping our businesses from creating the good paying jobs we need to pay our bills and the government’s bills. We are fast becoming a part time/ entry level job government dependent nation. Obama should know that Marxism always brings impoverishment, enslavement and persecution to the people. Progressive is just another word for communist or marxist. Obama knows this and yet he continues his Progressive path.

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