Obama insults Israel again and continues negotiating with Iran

No one can really think we can talk radical islamist Iran out of a nuclear bomb program, do they.The Mullahs and the rest of Iranian leadership, all believe that they can hasten the end times and the return of their Mahdi, for crying out loud. Their agenda is an Islamic Caliphate and the subjugation and murder of the rest of the world. Kerry and Obama are dangerous fools. They are deserting our friends and allies and honeying up to the world’s enemy, Radical Islam. Unlike my President who will not meet with Netanyahu, I will stand with Israel always and so will most of America. I and most of America will be watching and celebrating Netanyahu’s speech in front of the House and we will be trying to block out the image of the disgraceful Mexican President who last addressed and disparaged the American people and our nation from the House floor and the disgraceful Dems who applauded him.

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