Yemen falls and my indictment against Barack Obama

How disgraceful is it that Obama did not help Hadi, who not only allied with America, fed us intel, but allowed us to drone Al Qaida in Yemen? How can our allies ever trust us to have their back? Look at Libya, he bombed them back to the stone age, deposed Kadaffi and did not help them stabilize their new government. Look at Syria.He encouraged the revolution and promised the rebels help, but waited until the radical islamists had infiltrated the rebels.  Look at Nigeria. Look at his support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He even has the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters as advisors.  Now, when Al Sisi demands tolerance and reforms form Islam, he gives him no support.  Look at his no show in France, when the world leaders showed united support against the radical islamists.   Look at the Fast and Furious program where he sold guns to the Mexican Drug Cartel, did not track or retrieve the guns, but instead planned to use the murderous criminal data as proof that we needed to reign in our second amendment rights. Who believes the ends justify the means ? Obama evidently does. Look at how he has allowed our southern border to be crossed willy nilly and has subverted our immigration laws with his executive orders. His actions have invited poor South Americans searching for a better life to make that violent dangerous trip north. The abuse those children endured can be laid at Obama’s door, not to mention the violent criminals, drugs and terrrorists who have slipped in with the immigrants. Look what he is doing to our economy. Obama’s Wall Street buddies who are in bed with the government are doing just fine, while Main Street is losing ground. He has declared war on Middle class employers,essentially destroying the middle class and increasing the government dependent class. Obama is increasing the inequality with his abusive expensive regulations and taxes.  I don’t believe anyone is that naïve and incompetent. This has to be deliberate. Why? I think Obama is creating crisis after crisis to exploit and force Marxist policies on America and a Sharia Law Islamist Caliphate on Islam. Perhaps Obama is just a tool of the megalomaniac George Soros and some hidden globalists and Jarret is his handler?


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